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Top 10 MSBTE Capstone Project ideas Cpp project topic ideas with source code

The MSBTE Capstone Project is a year-long project that culminates in a final report and presentation. The project gives students an opportunity to apply what they have learned in their coursework to a real-world problem or issue. The project is designed to be interdisciplinary, so students will work with a team of faculty from different departments.


The MSBTE Capstone Project is the culmination of a student’s academic career in the field of computer engineering. The project report is a document that details the planning, execution, and results of the project. It is important to note that the project report is not just a written document; it is also a visual document, with charts, graphs, and other visuals to help illustrate the project’s findings.

10 MSBTE Capstone Project ideas

1.ML and AI used in business

2.Diagnosing Parkinson’s

3.Improving video calls

4.Smarter speech recognition

5.Content making

6.Routine writing

7.Detecting objects animals, and people

8.Trying on clothes

9.Generating textures and patterns

10.Better investments

11.Generate ideas

12.Contact Jelvix

Cpp project topic ideas with source code

the first goal of using ai is solving a problem
but how can a business owner use machine learning to build a product that fulfills tangible needs so here’s our list of 10 machine learning project ideas and real-life case studies the first idea is diagnosing parkinson’s with machine learning a major problem in the diagnosis and treatment of parkinson’s is a late diagnosis
patients are often unaware of their condition they tend to miss early cues the solution is to build an application that will detect changes in voice or hand movements and catch Parkinson’s in time
the second idea is improving video call experience for our MSBTE Capstone Project ideas

with ml the problem is that people find zoom meetings monotonous and feel uncomfortable about showing their faces close up to the camera machine learning potentially gives an out of the box solution and you can build an application that uses virtual faces instead of real ones the third idea is an even smarter speech recognition when teams build voice assistance they often face the problem of accounting for slang
mistakes and switching between languages which is typical for many bilingual speakers
machine learning systems and data sets offer a solution you can use community-based data sets for multiple languages and build self-learning speech recognition tools by the way we highly recommend checking the article about the top data analytics tools

the fourth idea is ai-based content making with gpt-3 creative writing seems to be challenging to replicate however ai comes very close to reaching the human level of proficiency mainly due to gpt3 gpt3 is an algorithm for natural language processing created by openai that is a company co-owned by elon musk
gpt3 can be used to answer user questions we use in MSBTE Capstone Project
for creative writing or for writing code the fifth idea is using gtp3 to do routine writing well any routine writing work might end up automated in the future and you can leverage that to work smarter and faster the solution is that an ai bot can analyze the content of the inbox and detect the most important emails the sixth idea is detecting objects animals and people using artificial intelligence and machine learning for security purposes has a lot of advantages
not only is there no chance of human error but also you don’t need to deal with turnovers sick days

disabilities also ai is much more accessible
the seventh idea is trying on close some users don’t buy clothes online because they aren’t sure about sizes and colors
machine learning provides a way to solve this problem by allowing users to try clothes on via video and what do you think will it be possible for such a technology to completely replace offline shops soon share your thoughts under the video the eighth idea is generating textures and patterns to help designers and this cpp project
well human creative vision is highly influenced by trends and sometimes fails to produce a fresh perspective

so when creatives get stuck they can use ai
and machine learning to generate new pattern ideas the ninth idea is leveraging ml’s predictive power to invest better the problem is that investors often struggle with monitoring multiple trends and examining risks the financial climate is always changing especially if we consider the international market the solution here is a smart investing application that analyzes trends on the market and offers data-driven investment advice the 10th idea is to generate ideas when humans ideate we often fail to account for all trends and risks we are not immune to cognitive biases once we develop an idea our attachment eclipses rational judgment however ml and ai don’t experience these difficulties their ideas will be data-driven impartial

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